An all-in-one application we use for pretty much everything!


What do we use Brightwheel for?

Sharing Photos and Videos

Through the Brightwheel application your child's family can receive weekly, if not daily, pictures and videos of what your little one is doing while at school

Incident Reports

Bumps and scratches will happen. We will send you detailed reports and photos letting you know what happened, how it happened, and what we did to treat it!


We will post when your child falls asleep and when they wake up


Brightwheel has a great feature where teachers and families are able to send and receive instant messages. We use Brightwheel's messaging section for things like:

  • giving you updates on your little one's day

  • reminding you about an upcoming event

  • letting us know that you are running late

  • asking if your child's stuffed animal was left at school because it is bedtime and they are having a meltdown​


All financials are processed through Brightwheel's billing page. Anytime we send an invoice you will be alerted via email to process the payment or you can set it up to automatically go through.

Signing In and Out

Every day you will sign your child in and out of school using either our QR code (primary method) or a signature on digital device