Our Covid-19 Response

Highland Montessori is divided into 4 separate classrooms made up of 4-6 students and one head teacher. All 5 of our staff members are tested for Covid-19 on a weekly basis and many of our community members do as well. There are separate bathrooms, check-in areas, and outdoor areas for each group so that they do not intermingle and may stay separate. All students and staff wear masks at all times, our students are able to take off their masks for meal times and rest time. Student's temperatures are taken at drop-off and there is a health questionnaire that must be approved before the child may enter the school. The school is professionally cleaned numerous times a week and all surfaces/materials are deeply disinfected and sanitized numerous times a day. Gloves, masks, and other PPE is available everyday to all community members at our front gate and it is encouraged to use a glove when opening doors and gates when picking up and dropping off. Finally our students and staff wash hands upon arrival to school, before and after meal times, and of course after sneezing and touching their face.