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We love Highland Montessori preschool and the teachers so much! It's is the place where our kid has so much fun he doesn't want to come home from! The teachers are great teaching manners, serving up healthy food and keeping them entertained with many different activities including field trips and many more! We knew it will be a great school and moved right next to it when we got in!

-Andrea S.

Current Parent

There is not enough great things I can say about Highland. Our son went to another preschool prior to Highland that wasn't a great fit. He was coming home with some negative behaviors and we were constantly getting concerning feedback from his previous teachers. My husband and I decided it was time for a change of environment to see if that would help and that's when we emailed Highland. Luckily for us they had an opening for the next year. We fell in love not only with the school itself but also the wonderful teachers and their teaching philosophy. As soon as our son started we saw such an amazing change. He was coming home happier and eager to go to school to see his new friends and teachers. Even on the weekends he would ask to go to school instead of the park. He's been using phrases like "that's perfect", "aw so cute" and if he's ever upset he will ask for a hug instead of acting out. I definitely credit this to the extremely caring and loving environment his teachers have created. You can really tell they love these kids and that's all a parent wants when sending their kid off to school or somewhere new. We constantly get updates on their app with pictures throughout the day and messages of what they are up to.They also send a weekly email update of what they've learned that week. What we really enjoy is the community they've created. Highland is constantly creating events so the families get to know each other outside of school. We love how detail oriented they are from the creative themed classrooms to the rainbow balloon arch on the first day to the new family meet and greet to the fun field trips throughout the school year. We are so grateful to have found Highland and to have gotten a spot there for our son. The only semi downside of Highland that it doesn't go past preschool. We wish our son could stay here forever! Thank you Highland for making such a positive impact on our son's life and ours.

-Roxy H.

Current Parent

We are so grateful that we found Highland Montessori!  Our daughter started last November and we fell in love with the school right away.  We see a huge amount of growth both academically and emotionally in our daughter.  She loves going to school, is eager to help the teachers and has made great friends.  We love that the teachers interactions with the students are positive and encouraging, helping them understand their feelings and new ways to try things.  This really is a wonderful school with great teachers and amazing kids!

-Carissa O.

2017-2018 Parent

We are so happy we found Highland last year when looking for preschools for my 2.5 year old. I interviewed MANY schools and from the moment I walked into Highland and met the teachers I knew we had to get in. The teachers treat us like family and truly love & care for the students. I love that they use Brightwheel to keep us updated with fun pictures of the days activities & other important communication. They teach independence, kindness, diversity & many more important skills. My daughter is so happy everyday and her growth since coming here is amazing to watch. We can't wait for our littlest to join next year. Thank you Highland for all you have done for our family!!!

-Christine K.

Current Parent

If I could give this school 100 stars I would! We started in August after our previous school closed abruptly and what a blessing... we had no idea what we were missing and the excitement and love our daughter could have at school until we started at Highland. The teachers are AMAZING!! They are genuinely passionate about what they do and it is so obvious in every interaction every day - by allowing them to do what they love (music, cooking, gardening, art, etc.), I see my daughter partaking in every activity with so much excitement and passion as well! The facility is perfect, the lunch that is provided is great, and their communication is on point. I get so many updates and photos I never feel like I'm missing a thing. We couldn't be more in love with everything about this wonderful school!

-Samah M.

2018-2019 Parent

Our son started at Highland Montessori 6 months ago and we could not love it more. From the amazing staff whom the kids clearly love to the adorable and clean environment we couldn't ask for anything better for preschool. It's hard dropping off your two year old for school at such a young age but we've never hesitated knowing he is in such good hands learning at this school. Would recommend it for anyone and are already looking forward to our newborn going there when the time comes!

-Lindsey T.

2018-2019 Parent

-Chris W.

Current Parent

My wife and I are so grateful for Highland! Our son transitioned to Highland a couple months ago and even in that short period of time we've seen such growth. He comes home happy and excited for school. We not only appreciate their philosophy in discipline (which is a positive redirecting approach) and teaching but their creative curriculum and the overall love they have for each student. We look forward to their daily and weekly updates in person, on their app and email. The teachers are warm and kind. We highly recommend Highland for any parent looking for an amazing preschool!

-Nahel H.

Current Parent

First child went from 2 years 7 months and we liked it so much that we registered his younger sister right after she was born. The teachers are warm and caring and very patient. The school is bright and clean and the teachers put a lot of thought in to ensuring there is variety for the students both in terms of learning and play.

-Gavin T.

Current Parent

Highland Montessori has provided a safe, encouraging and loving environment for my daughter to grow and thrive in, for the past year and a half. As a first time parent, finding the perfect place to essentially leave my child with someone I just met, seemed like my worst nightmare. My wife and I checked out numerous schools and just couldn't find "the one". It's surprisingly difficult to find a place that allows kids to be kids, while still offering them the ability to learn, grow and create without pressure. It's also difficult to find a place that allows parents to be parents, even the tired, stressed out and 15 mins late to school kind. Within minutes of our first school visit, I could see that Highland was different than the other schools we checked out. It had a smaller, family feel to it. There was a nice tight student to teacher ratio. Most importantly, I saw a lot of happy kids learning and playing. After speaking with the teachers for the better part of 2hrs, I felt confident in giving Highland a chance as my daughter's first school. I have not regretted that decision for one moment and I doubt very much I ever will. The teachers and facility at Highland Montessori have exceeded my greatest expectations and receive my most heartfelt recommendation to any prospective school parents out there in the San Mateo area. Thank you Highland for taking such care of the most important part of my life each day.

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